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Magdalena Sobocińska, Ph.D., professor of economics, specializes in issues related to the use of the Internet in marketing, marketing communication, marketing research, functioning of the cultural sphere, processes of consumption development, sustainable development and marketing of ecological products. Author and co-author of over 200 publications in this field published in the form of monographs, chapters in monographs and textbooks, and articles. For her doctoral dissertation entitled. For her doctoral dissertation “Consumer behavior on the market of cultural goods”, she received the award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Her habilitation monograph: “Determinants and prospects for development of market orientation in entities of the cultural sphere” was awarded in the competition for scientific papers by the Committee of Organization and Management Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is a co-editor of 8 issues of Scientific Papers of Wrocław University of Economics and 3 monographs on marketing research issues, as well as a guest editor of the Special Issue “New Technologies in Customer Value Management in the Perspective of Sustainable Development” within the journal “Sustainability”. He is a member of the Board of the Polish Scientific Society of Marketing.