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interdisciplinary artist, director, researcher, designer, cognitive scientist

Head of the VR/AR Lab at the vnLab Visual Narrative Laboratory at the Łódź Film School, art producer and lecturer. Directed experiments, Man With a VR Camera (PISF, Kreatywna Europa), CITY and MIRRORWORLD (vnLab, PWSFTviT).

Conducts research on New Paradigm of Narration XR in cooperation with VRLAB IP PAN, LIT OPI PIB and KFiMA IKW WF UŁ in the project New forms and technologies of narration.

She designs interactive publications codifying the audiovisual language of immersive narratives based on the ethnography of the creative experiment process and audience perception research.

She works on the automation of 3D object generation using AI.

PhD student at the Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology, Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Co-author of the research, The impact of VR technology on the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and film skills (VRLAB IPPAN, NCKF, 2018).

She has published on the bioethical consequences of the development of virtual environments.

Lecturer for the courses CinematicVR and Film & Perception (Speakers’ Avenue).

Designer of the VR game, The Curator. 100 Years of Polish Design (IAM, 2018/2020). Co-founder of the XR Association. Jury of the Transatlantic VR SpaceTime Award 2018.

Curator of the Immersive Storytelling conference (ASP WAW, 2018). Initiator and co-founder of the interdisciplinary project Narrative Systems Open Lab (ASP WAW, 2016). Dream Director at DreamJay, responsible for the audiovisual and research department of the Nightly app (2015/2017). Designer and producer of the opening of the National Music Forum in Wroclaw, music_is, (Extended Studio, 2015). Interaction designer of the Poland exhibition at EXPO2015 in Milan. Creative director of Krakow’s Copernicus Festival, edition I: Revolutions (2014).

She works extensively in the psychology of perception, new technologies and neuroaesthetics.


Head of the VR/AR Studio of the vnLab Visual Narratives Laboratory at PWSFTviT

Research Affiliation:

PhD student at the Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology Laboratory of the Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences.