Module 2: Visual essay and interactive narratives

In this section we would like to discuss new forms of narration created through the use of interactive and digital technologies, such as interactive documentaries, film essays, trans- and cross-media projects or participatory narratives. The basic question is how to understand narration in the face of genres that undermine the classic approach to narration understood in terms of a set of events unfolding in a specific time span. Is there such a thing as an essayistic narrative, understood as an constellation of thoughts and affects rather than a sequence of events? How can we construct narratives that are not contained in a work but are created in the course of experiencing them, as is the case with interactive film? Moreover, we will be interested in the influence of interactive and digital technologies on character development, as well as on the viewer’s perception of the work.

Module 2 participants:

Kuba Mikurda – An essay in space

George Legrady – From hardwired to automation: visual narrative through computation

Sara Kolster – To click or not to click?

Roderick Coover – Cinema of immersion, interaction and database

Kevin B. Lee – Exploring Farocki. Three approaches to videography

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