Patrick von Sychowski. Cinema is an experience.

The transition to digital technology has freed cinema technologically and creatively. However, 124 years of film tradition still dictate how films are consumed in public forums. How is cinema evolving to compete with films available on any platform? Is streaming an enemy or ally? What are the most advanced experiences that cinema can learn from? This tour of the current world cinema situation will put the image on the big screen in a broader media context.

Patrick von Sychowski


Spent the past two decades writing and consulting about/for cinema industry. Fascinated by what keeps cinema going after 120+ years. Editor and Co-Founder of    

Worked on both sides of the fence, implementing new cinema technology (Hollywood and Bollywood in London and Mumbai), as well as covering new developments in the Chinese and Asian markets from Singapore.    

Dividing time between London, Berlin and Asia. Member of CTC, EDCF and BAFTA. Frequent contributor to Cinema Technology Magazine. Never tire of popcorn – salt only.