In Side – 3D stereoscopic short movie

In Side is a short puppet film made using stereoscopic techniques. It tells the story of Jan, trapped in a world of his own limitations. It is only the abstract world of the labyrinth, into which he finds himself as a result of enigmatic events, that forces him to truly confront himself, which becomes the seed of a new, real life.

The S3D Studio explores S3D technology and the incredible potential of stereoscopy, finding new artistic standards in the medium. In addition to the unique precision of registering 3D shots, the film also explores issues not previously raised in 3D films, including: the use of shift – tilt lenses, shooting through distorting objects, the possibilities of maximising the speed of editing while maintaining concern for the viewer’s perception, and many others.

Piotr Matysiak – head of the S3D Studio. A geography graduate. He started his adventure with film in 2006 as a director of the film “53:15 Berek”. In 2014 he graduated from the Art of Cinematography at the PWSFTviT in Łódź. During his studies, he made more than a dozen etudes. He is currently completing his doctoral studies at the same university. Director and cinematographer of feature films, documentaries, animations, producer of dozens of commercials and TV programmes. Licensed diver and underwater cinematographer. His passion is stop-motion animation. He is a co-founder of the Visual Narration Laboratory, within which he runs the S3D Studio. He is the cinematographer of the film In Side and the cinematographer of the S3D Studio project.

In Side crew

In Side will premiere in 2023.

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