Fabrizio Rocchi during workshops in S3D Studio at vnLab, fot. J. Rucińska

Animoko – Training

In January we had the pleasure to host Fabrizio Rocchi, who on behalf of Mark Roberts Motion Control company conducted a training on the use of Animoko.

Motion control devices are commonly used on film sets. A unique model of such a device recently arrived at the studio. The motion control robot, which is at the studio’s equipment, is one of eight similar devices found around the world and the only one in Poland. Animoco was created by Mark Roberts.

The machine is great for guiding the camera during puppet animation. The challenge is to translate the movement that we want to perform in the language of the motion control device. This involves operating in the x,y and z axis ranges. This has more to do with mathematics than with film production.

Since the device is unique, knowledge in this area can only be acquired from the source. For this purpose, we were visited by Fabrizio, an engineer working at Mark Roberts, who knows best the capabilities and limitations of the device he co-created himself.