New scenography, new world

The next research session of the S3D vnLab Visual Narrative Laboratory team is underway. The team is shooting in a new scenography – the protagonist will face the search for a solution in completely surprising circumstances.

During the two-week set, the team will work on a scene about fighting against time. The team will focus on the main cinematographer-stereographic assumption, which is operating on the limits of stereoscopic parameters and strong introduction of so called foreground.

This is the fifth meeting of the project and the first in 2021. The work will also be accompanied by extensive documentation of the laboratory task on spatial dependencies and relations of objects to each other in the stereoscopic image.This experience the team of the laboratory will share soon.

The activities undertaken in the S3D vnLab are aimed at developing standards for working with stereoscopic images in stop motion productions and adapting them to the needs of dramatic narration in film works, as well as expanding the possibilities of visual expression in S3D works. The result of the 4-year project will be a stereoscopic animated film in stop motion with the working title “In Side”. There are also plans to create a textbook on stereoscopy in animated film.

The S3D vnLab design team includes: Piotr Matysiak – studio manager and cinematographer, Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi – director, Miłosz Hermanowicz – stereographer, Bartosz Kotarski – animator, Agnieszka Mikołajczyk – puppeteer, Marcin Jasiński – set designer, Marta Chyła-Janicka – scriptdoctor, Justyna Rucińska – deputy studio manager and production manager, Jędrzej Hejduk – production assistant, Tomasz Łaptaszyński – still photographer, as well as Małgorzata Gontarska – communications specialist and Mikołaj Zacharow responsible for the production. Mikołaj Zacharow responsible for technical support and motion control.

The next session will take place at the turn of June and July.