S3D studio halfway through the project

Another “lab” (September 6-21) of the research programme of S3D vnLAB Lab has ended. The team has already completed half of the planned shoot under this project.

During the latest research session (September 17), an open visual seminar of the S3D vnLAB studio was also held, which attracted great interest. The seminar was available “live”, and thanks to the cooperation with the Multimedia Service Department of the Łódź Film School, the production and transmission took place also on Zoom and Vimeo platforms.


Among the guests (“live” and online), in addition to the lecturers and employees of the School, there were also representatives of, among others: PISF, SFP, SPPA, ŁFC, Łódź Polytechnic, ASP Łódź, ASP Kraków. As part of the meeting, in addition to the presentations of studio members and its activities, footage filmed as part of the research from the beginning of the project was presented.

There was also a screening of the trailer for the IN SIDE film (in 3D version) which is being produced as part of the project, the 2D version of which already has had nearly a thousand views on the school VIMEO profile.

See the film IN SIDE trailer in 2D

As promised, we also present you the trailer of the film “IN SIDE” in 3D version (SBS)

Link to download the trailer of the film IN SIDE in 3D

There will be more footage of the S3D Studio and the opportunity for another meeting in November in the building of the New Media Centre.