Polish premiere of VR SELF on the Immersion Festival in Warsaw

The Polish premiere of Patryk Jordanowicz and Tadeusz Chudy’s VR ‘Self’ will take place during the Immersion Festival in Warsaw on 11-12 December.

How does a mentally ill person feel? How does he or she perceive the world? Or perhaps the division between healthy and mentally ill people does not exist at all? For the creators of the project, their interest in creating photographic and cinematic images has for years gone hand in hand with an attempt to understand and be open to the world of mental issues.

“Self”, by design, is intended to be a powerful and memorable immersive experience for the viewer. From the experience, which is conceived as an experience, comes an understanding of otherness. Understanding, in turn, creates tolerance. The visual and aural stimuli of this project are merely a pathway, a tool to generate emotions in the viewer that are similar to the state of those affected by mental illness. The creators want to evoke a state of contemplation, melancholy and compassion in the viewer. “Self” deals with an extremely sensitive subject, which is why it has been created from the beginning with the participation of people who deal with mental health on a daily basis.

The story concept of ‘Self’ is based on a mosaic structure. The stories presented are memories from different stages of the healing process of former patients, and their real silhouettes are set in a minimalist 3D environment. The flashbacks materialise in the form of voice-over commentaries, and the use of ambisonic sound exposes the properties of the category that is cinematic VR.

The VR experience exhibition and VR cinema screenings take place at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on 11-12 December 2022 from 10 a.m – 7 p.m
Admission is free of charge.

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